About Us

Welcome to our hive of teas! 

Here at The Tea Bees we strive to source and supply some of the highest quality teas available globally. As a family business, we are working with some of the most experienced tea masters in the world. We have gone far and beyond to collect our branch of connections, who have each been in the tea industry for over 30 years and know their Rooibos from their Darjeeling. This ensures that we provide the best customer experience possible.

We believe that nature is extremely powerful, and we love to reflect our values in our products, allowing you to see where we source from and the properties each tea has in responding to our bodies. Our range of balancing, well-being and relaxing blends allow us to form flavours so beautiful its hard to believe they are so beneficial too! We have even taken the time to create recipies as well as some more unusual ways to enjoy your tea, to ensure that everyone can benefit and enjoy our products, whether its for a teddy bear's tea party or a relaxing cup for a well deserved bath! 

Why are we different?

We ensure that all of our loose teas are 100% ethically sourced, of the highest grade and picked at peak season, to provide you with a cup of tea as fresh as the day it was picked! We use a vacuum sealing packaging process to produce our unique, fresh standards and by using specialised tea masters, with over 30 years experience, we never compromise on quality. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment, as our carbon footprint is hugely decreased by our packaging process and our paper tea filters are 100% biodegradable. We focus hugely on reusability and recyclability in every aspect of our business.  

Why loose tea?

At The Tea Bees, we specialise in the beauty of loose tea. This makes us unique to many tea brands who use additives to enhance flavour, incorporate a quick fix to their production lines and compromise on tea bag space for diffusion of the delicate tea. Of course the trade for the traditional tea bag may seem strange, however, to us it makes perfect sense. Through development of the wonderous creation of the tea bag, the cost it came with was indefinitely the quality and taste of the tea. The everyday tea bag became largely successful for its speed and convenience in todays busy society, but as passionate tea drinkers, we felt that the tradition of tea has lost its way in the budding coffee generation, greatly including loose tea.

We therefore aim to serve the highest quality loose tea, in every way, whether it be for health and wellness, a refreshing drink or an addition to an iced tea or cocktail infuse. By only providing 100% natural ingredients, providing 100% greater taste, we aim to serve only the most tasteful tea, with quality.

The large environmental cost we save by specialising in loose tea is massive and we aim to only use biodegradable packaging and produce to ensure that the environment does not have to pay for our luxuries. We believe that the planet is equally just as important as we are, if not, it is even more so and saving millions of waste tea bags is one way we can help.

Always ethically sourced,

we know where we grow

Beautifully gift wrapped products,

sourced for you

100% natural ingredients,

blended to perfection